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Diablo III V1.0.2.9991 Client Server Emulator REVOLT isijami




(w/ bonus levels) written by johnbrown26 Note: this is not an official hack of the game, but rather a collaboration with the author of the file. Due to the nature of the hack, there are numerous copies of this file for your enjoyment (just keep in mind there is a possible risk of spoilers). This mod will be released over the next few days as the title suggests, I expect it to be available shortly. Also, upon release I will make sure to release the source for this hack as well, hopefully before release, so don't miss out on the source. How to install: 1. download this client server emulator. 2. extract client 3. extract 4. replace files in Diablo directory 5. extract 6. extract original If you want to play the original game, there is an equivalent program here, currently it is a beta (I will make sure to release an official version shortly) but it works pretty good. Have fun! How to use: 1. run the client.exe file. 2. wait till the intro screen finishes loading and hit A (or tab) to play. 3. Enjoy! Special thanks to Diablo 3 Absolution (original) for providing this hack, I am not affiliated with this company in any way, just trying to make the most of a new title. Contents: .




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Diablo III V1.0.2.9991 Client Server Emulator REVOLT isijami

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